What our customers are saying

Here's what we are hearing from practice owners

OnusOne has been a blessing to our company. Our therapists are working together better to help with covering patients during vacations and extending when needed. Thanks OnusOne!

Brian, VP/Owner


Thanks to the OnusOne shared risk portfolios we implemented throughout our company 3 years ago, our employees are exponentially developing in the execution of every aspect of their profession.

Esther, Owner/Partner


Thanks to OnusOne, our company has grown 100% in a 3 year period including adding 3 more locations!

Frank, CEO/President


As an owner, I even experienced an unexpected psychological benefit. Knowing that they benefit from it financially just as the business does is a weird sense of calm/ fairness/justice.

Jeff, Owner/Practice Manager


The last six months since we introduced Onus One we are 53% higher in revenues than the previous 6 months. Thanks OnusOne!

Ron, CEO


Employees also love OnusOne. Here is what they say

Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for offering the ONUSONE plan. You listened to us and rolled out a new program!

Anonymous, Staff PT


There really is not a better option when it comes to earning potential and working in an environment that is controlled by you. They say that you can’t have your cake and eat it too, but Onus One’s pay for performance plan actually makes this possible.

Natalia, Executive Director


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